What’s Happening

How do I find out about League events to attend?

See our Homepage or Calendar for upcoming League events. See our Member Projects Calendar page to read about member news and events, including plays produced or created by our members.

I’d like to help plan a League event. How do I do that?

To get involved with Programming, just write to us.

How do I find out about the annual trip to see theatre in London?

Get in touch with our Travel Committee.


Joining the League

How do I become a member?

Professional theatre women with at least five years of experience can apply for full membership; professional theatre women with at least three years of experience can apply to be associate members. Apply here.

The application says I need two sponsors to recommend me.  How do I find them?

Check out our public directory to see who you know in the League, and find two people who will support your application. Don’t know anyone? Write to us and we’ll see what we can do.

Can an associate member recommend me?

No, only full members can make recommendations.

What if I’m not a theatre professional, but I want to be a part of LPTW?

You can become a Friend of the League. There is no application process. And you still get many of the benefits of belonging to this community.

I’m a man. Can I become a “Friend” of the League?

Yes! You don’t have to be a woman to be a Friend of the League.

What if my theatre wants to get involved?

An organization such as a theatre or a corporate entity can also become a Friend of the League.

I don’t live in New York. Can I become a member?

Yes. We have national and international members. Get in touch.

What if I am just out of school?

Contact us about internships, apprenticeships, and volunteer opportunities.


For Members

I’m a member, but my most recent bio and photo isn’t on the web site. What do I do?

Just log in to update your information.

How do I log in?

Just click on Log-in on the top right corner of the web site and then input your username and password.

How do I get my show into the LPTW newsletter?

If you have at least one LPTW member involved in a production, we will include it in our newsletter that gets e-mailed to the full membership.  To submit a production or event, just click here.

How do I get my show onto the “Goings On” page of the LPTW web site? 

Events included in the newsletter will automatically appear on the Goings On page — if they are still going on.

How do I get on the League Twitter list of members?

Just tweet at us: @LPTWomen.

I’m interested in mentoring/being mentored. How do I get involved?

Contact the mentoring committee.

What if I’m interested in helping with the effort to research gender parity in our industry?

We have an ad hoc committee for that — just contact the Think Tank.

I’m a new member. What is expected of me?

Explore the League! How much you explore is up to you. Try to come to the season launch and to the annual meeting.  Join a committee. Attend an event. Keep in touch.

Is there a way I can get some more guidance as a new member?

Yes. Through our mentoring committee’s Big Sister program.

I need to get in touch with a fellow member. How can I get her contact information?

After you’ve logged in, just go to the Directory.

Why do I see the person’s email address but not their phone number?

If certain contact information is not visible, the member has chosen to hide it.

Why can’t I find this person in the directory at all?

Chances are that her membership has lapsed. Only current members are listed in the directory. If you can’t find someone you believe is a current member, please contact us and we will look into it for you.

Are committee meetings open to new members?

Yes. Most of our committees are open to all members old and new. All members should feel free to drop in to our next gatherings of any of these committees: Advocacy, Auction, Communications, Development, Editorial, Heritage, International, Membership, Mentoring, Julia’s Reading Room, Networking, Travel, or Think Tank.  You can read about the committees here.