The International Committee of the LPTW was formed in 2003 to broaden members’ awareness of other cultures and promote opportunities for theatre exchange and collaboration between women working in the U.S. and abroad. We identify and cultivate international affiliates and host and support them when they come to the U.S. We also encourage and provide support for the formation of LPTW chapters in affiliates’ home countries and facilitate dialogue and advocacy for women in theatre across borders.

Activities include producing the LPTW Gilder/Coigney International Award, cultural exchange and performance events, networking forums, and cross-pollination of theatrical practice.  Fulfilling the LPTW’s mission on an international scale, we increase the visibility of women working In theatre, identify and expand access to resources around the globe, and advocate for economic and employment parity for women artists everywhere.

CLICK HERE to watch a video about the theatrical work of the LPTW’s 2017 Gilder/Coigney International Awards Nominees.

International Theatre artists who are interested in Affiliate Membership in the League please complete our Membership application. Members who would like further information on the International Committee, or who are interested in joining, contact

Kindly contact Co-Chairs Peggy Howard Chane or Laura Caparrotti for further detailed information about the International Committee at: and