Announcing the #OneMoreConversation campaign: an action toward gender parity that is easy to understand – and to do.

#OneMoreConversation is a call to directors, artistic directors, producers, boards, and other decision-makers to have just one more conversation with a woman theatre artist or professional before making a hiring decision.

It’s repeatable vocabulary that gives theatre leaders a straightforward, achievable tool for expanding their pool of collaborators and diversifying their creative teams.

Why just one more conversation? It’s a reasonable request, not onerous or pressured: simply a commitment to put a woman in the mix. If that one conversation doesn’t result in a job, that decision maker’s network will still have grown to include one more woman theatre artist or professional. They might recommend her to others or collaborate with her in the future! Since relationships are everything in our field, #OneMoreConversation has the potential for far-reaching, long-term impact.

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Let’s get everybody talking!

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