Full Members generally reside and work in the greater New York City vicinity (within a 100 mile radius of NYC) and are encouraged to join and participate on at least one League committee. Annual Dues: $200

National Members (those living and working outside of a 100 mile radius of NYC) are welcome and encouraged to participate in League activities when possible. Annual Dues: $100

International Members may include women working abroad whose credentials can be easily transposed to the League’s criteria and may be recommended by one full League Member.  They are always welcome to participate in League activities when possible.  They have no voting rights. Annual Dues: Free

Associate Members may be those who are currently working in their theatre discipline for the equivalent of three years and have achieved early recognition or show exceptional promise.  They will be considered on an individual basis and have no voting rights.  Associate Members are encouraged to join and participate on at least one League committee. Annual Dues: $100

Apprentice Members: The League of Professional Theatre Women Apprentice Program, which began in 2014, is growing all the time. Apprentices each work with a Committee of LPTW and are mentored by a member of that committee. Apprentices also meet with each other and other mentors, help with LPTW events, and go on outings. It is an enormously valuable opportunity to work on arts advocacy at the same time as you build your professional network as a young theatre professional.

The requirements to be an Apprentice are that you have completed your education and/or theatre training, are not currently in school, are working as a theatre professional, but do not yet have the years of experience to qualify as a Member (see above for qualifications).

If you meet those criteria and are interested in applying to be an Apprentice, please complete the membership application and select “Apprentice” under membership type. You will need at least one sponsor from the LPTW Membership or recommendations by two professionals with whom you have worked and/or studied. Annual Dues: Free

The Board reserves the right to use its discretion to waive certain membership criteria by a majority vote on an individual basis.